• Driving Assessments

  • North Perth Driving Instructors are available for lessons and to train drivers around every test route at every Licensing Centre in Perth.

    Assessment Process

    So, you have completed your driving lessons with a professional driving instructor and also trained on the test routes around the Licensing Centre. Hopefully it was with North Perth Driving School. You have booked your practical driving assessment with the Department of Transport by ringing 13 11 56.

    You need to bring your learner’s permit and your passport or original birth certificate. Notify North Perth Driving School of the test time and an instructor’s car will be available for your test.

    Exactly one hour before your driving test, your instructor will arrive at your home and check your paper work. You hop into the car, adjust your seat, steering wheel and mirrors.

    During the next hour you receive re-assuring words from your instructor, drive over the test area and arrive 15 minutes before the test starts.

    The assessment takes about 45 minutes. On completion, paperwork is processed, you receive a log book and your instructor drops you home.

    Avoid Stressing Out!

    When you learn with a top driving instructor, the processes delivered during lessons cancel out this emotional turmoil many learners experience during their driving test. And top driving instructors save you money.

    Additional Considerations

    1. Don’t tell all your school friends or relatives about the driving test. They may continually encourage you which can actually be a distraction and some may joke about failing the test and nasty assessors! The expectation to ‘pass first time’ can build up unwanted pressure and it’s something you don’t really need. Play it smart, it’s your call.
    2. Don’t alter normal routines leading up to the assessment. Go to bed as if it’s just another driving lesson coming up the next day. Seriously, if you can drive well normally, believe you can drive well no matter who sits alongside you.
    3. Place your  learner’s permit, ID, paperwork and money in a plastic folder in one place where you know exactly where it is. Stay organized.
    4. Allow yourself a certain amount of nervous energy. It’s normal to feel nervous when doing something like this. Go for a walk and don’t talk continually about your nerves.
    5. Allow for a few mistakes and don’t ‘pack up’ emotionally if you do a few things wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Avoid putting the burden of perfection on your shoulders, it creates stress. It’s important how you recover from messing something up and focus on the skills you have acquired.
    6. Finally, actually look forward to the test and enjoy the challenge in front of you. After all, you do know how to drive.

    Do the test in our car!

    If you'd like the convenience of undergoing your test in our car we're more than happy to help.  Give us a call and we can help organise this for you and give you one less thing to worry about.  We'll even drop you off at home!