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  • Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you your money back on the spot – no questions asked.

    Student Discount Package

    8 Lesson Package                  Only $464
    Package can include your driving test and a full 1 hour driving lesson before your test. Great value and we accept credit card over the phone. (08) 9106 9130

    Single Driving Lessons         Only $60.00
    You can do lessons before school or get picked up from school and dropped home after the lesson. Our Instructors are full time. This is not their second job and we do not compromise lesson quality and safety.

    Do Your Test in Our Car

    Please enquire at the office to use our manual and auto dual controlled cars for your driving test. Cost depends on the duration required. Please call (08) 9106 9130 to find out more.

    Gift Vouchers

    Invest in driver training for your teenage son or daughter. Receive a brightly coloured Gift Voucher for 1 or more driving lessons or a package of driving lessons makes a wonderful birthday present. Gift vouchers are available for any occasion. Call (08) 9106 9130 for details.


    North Perth Driving School conduct a range of Defensive Driving Courses tailored to suit the needs of Learner Drivers, P-plate drivers and experienced drivers.Course prices depend on the duration and location of each course. You may pay by Credit card over the phone. Call the office on (08) 9106 9130 for details.

    General Information

    Every student with a Learners Permit has already paid the Department of Transport the required fee for a driving assessment done in the company of a government assessor. This fee is separate to any costs for driver training or the usage of any driving school car for a driving test.