• Student Discount Packages

  • Everybody likes to save money especially families paying to put their son or daughter through Uni or School. Student discount packages for secondary school students and uni students will help you save money and are simple to organise.

    Talk to your parents or discuss it with your grandparents. Grandparents often express interest in helping and offer to buy a gift voucher for a birthday present.

    Purchasing a package has benefits.

    1. Firstly, it’s cheaper this way, you save money.
    2. Also when you buy a package by credit card over the phone, you receive a receipt and the hassle of organizing money each week is over. Lessons fit around your schedule and can be used whenever you wish.

    5 Lesson Package          Only $300

    This package can include your driving test and also a 1 hour lesson before your test. This is great value! For further info please call (08) 9106 9130 (Have your credit card details with you).

    Buy 9 & Get the 10th Free         Only $585

    Manual & Automatic available. We pick up at home, work or school. This pack can include using our car for your test. 

    Single Driving Lessons          Only $65

    Our instructors have modern dual controlled cars and are there to help at any time. You can do a driving lesson in the morning from home and be dropped at school or a driving lesson from school to home or even on weekends.

    Test Car Hire.

    You are invited to use our manual or automatic car for your driving test. Costs depend on the duration required, but it’s not expensive. Call the office on (08) 9106 9130 for details.